Peruvian Curated Fashion

A platform showcasing top quality Peruvian fashion.  

We are a curated collection of handmade Peruvian fashion. After years of traveling and living around the world, we decided to go back to our roots and rediscover the ancestral legacy of Peru.

Our hearts were delighted and inspired by the majestic waters of the Pacific Ocean, the warmth and force of the Humboldt Current, the thundering peaks of the Andes and its breezes, the wonders of the Amazon and the fascinating Inca heritage. 

Our lives are interwoven, entwined, embroidered and knit masterpieces, and after coming to this realization, we mindfully want to share with you our unique and original understanding of fashion. 

With all this in mind, and a profound passion for ancestral craftsmanship, SEVEN COLORS was born and named after Vinikunka, better known as the "Rainbow Mountain" for the color stripes ranging from turquoise to lavender, brown, pink and gold that give life to the colorful mountainside in Cusco, at the high Andes of Peru.

We embody the authenticity of this soil and translate it into fashion, into art, into luxury. Our ideology comes with the perks of having lived and blossomed in this pure atmosphere. An atmosphere of pure talent, special and sincere.

After discovering and partnering up with a very select group of Peruvian designers whose tastes and work ethic match our own, we became a tribute to the talent born in this land. We do not follow trends, we see fashion as art and as a vital form of self-expression that gives everyone the power of transcendence. Thanks to the precise stitching and the exquisite construction of each design, we are bringing you unique, radiant, and powerful statement collections, crafted for longevity and produced to be eternally chic.

We are a team of creative souls who cherish the versatility of alpaca wool and its functional nobility, the extraordinary smoothness of Pima cotton, and the wisdom of the artisans that patiently and purposely weave, sew, knit, assemble and care for every detail.